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Polyurethane Base Membrane

Cement Repairs & Restoration

    Tufflex Urethane Waterproofing Systems

    Pedestrian Traffic Decking

    Polyurethane Base Membrane
    Colorcoat Al Ester
    • Provide Seamless Waterproofing
    • Provide UV & Weather Protection
    • Prevent Deterioration of Wood or Concrete
    • Stop Scaling and Spalling of Concrete
    • Provide Maintenance Costs
    • Provide Skid Resistant Surfacing

    Product Description: TUFFLEX RBC Solvent Free "TUF" is a liquid applied Water Catalyzed Urethane (WCU) elastomeric membrane 1 that is used in many of the TUFFLEX Specified Systems.

    Tufflex Color Chart