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Cement Stains and Dyes

Cement Stains and Dyes

Life Deck

Cement Stains and Dyes

Concrete Stains

Concrete StainsMaximize the appearance and design of your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces with decorative concrete stains installed by Life Deck. Available in a variety of colors, concrete stains are a cost-effective way to enhance plain or coated concrete. Choose from a selection of Acid Stains, Fast Stains or Water-based Stains to create a look that matches the design and architecture of the space. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, concrete stains by Westcoat are a safe and easy decorative solution for any concrete surface.

Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coatings

Resurface and beautify your concrete with a decorative concrete coating installed by Life Deck. Applied directly over existing concrete, decorative coatings allow you to transform cracked or ugly concrete into decorative works of art. Choose from a variety or textures, colors and patterns with Westcoat’s Texture Crete and Stamp-It systems. Perfect for interior floors, outdoor patios, pool decks and driveways, decorative coatings are the perfect alternative to replacing old and worn-out concrete.


Old concrete slabs and walkways can become a work of art.

Decora Stain

Builders and doit yourselfers, are finding out you don't need to demo that old concrete work, Concrete Stains are an inexpensive way to beautify your existing slabs with new colors that penetrate into your old patio or walkway to give a new look, that will improve and enhance your home or commercial project. 

Decora-Stain was formulated to provide color to concrete and masonry substrates. Decora-Stain penetrates and reacts with mineral compounds and/or siliceous materials to create a colored translucent to semi opaque appearance on the surface. Because the product penetrates into the pores of the substrate, there is no film or coating to be worn away. The finished color can appear similar to other types of chemically stained surfaces. Decora-Stain may be used on natural or colored concrete, brick, plaster, porous masonry, porous tile, and gypsum based products. This stain can be applied to both vertical and horzontal surfaces. A clear finish is recommended on horizontal surfaces to protect as well as enhance the final color. 

Decora Stain 2
Decora Stain 3
Decora Stain 4

Please refer to our Decora Top and Decora Stain Standard Color Chart. 

We also have the capability to match any color, as well ae create custom colors, we will match your imagination!

Kemiko Concrete Stain

Kemiko Concrete Stains

Stone Tone Stain 

The Path to Beautiful Decoratiive 

Transforms an ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor that resembles marble or glazed stone. When concrete is scored and stained, Kemiko ceates the apperance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost. Whether working with a neo-classic, Southwestern, eclectic, or traditional decor, Stone Tone Stain adapts to enhance any setting.

Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain is an acid base, single component product that provides a decorative, low maintenance floor finish and is 0-VOC. This class product contains special wetting agents, which chemically combine metallic ions with the particles in the concrete to form colored oxides. Kemiko Stone Tone is the perfect choice for interior and exterior projects.

Stain Colors

Each concrete slab accepts Kemiko Stone Tone Stains in various degrees of intensity, creating a stunning and varied surface that looks perfectly aged. Choose from the following eight colors to make the right choice for any interior or exterior concrete surface.

Colors are approximations.  Results may vary

Kemiko Stain Green Lawn
Kemiko Stain Cola
Kemiko Stain Aqua Blue
Kemiko Stain Malay Tan
Kemiko Stain Black
Kemiko Stain English Red
Kemiko Stain Vintage Umber
Kemiko Stain Golden Wheat
Kemiko Stain Garden Gold
Kemiko Stain Walnut