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Marmorino Plaster


A modern version of ancient polished stucco, Marmorino creates spectacular interior and exterior finishes. Highly versatile, it provides textures that range from smooth to distressed, from organic to stone-like. Its white base enables it to be tinted to brilliant hues. "Marmorino" means "simple marble" and gets its name from the powdered marble dust which, along with aged slaked lime, gives the plaster its unique character.


Texston Veneciano


Bring the calassical art of Venetian plaster into the 21st Century. Use Veneciano to create beautiful, polished, brilliantly colored interior plaster finishes. It is applied in thin, translucent patches to create a rich visual finish with the illusion of depth and substance. Veneciano is an authentic Venetian plaster based on aged slaked lime and finely ground marble dust.

Texston Antico

TexSton Terra                                       

Capture the rich patina of antique Old World stuccos, offer a lightweight and economical faux alternative to quarried stone, or provide the relaxed look of natural materials.  A decorative, portland cement-based plaster, it can be used indoors and out.  It is integrally pigmented and contains specially-graded fine aggregates to enable the creation of a wide spectrum of delightful colors and textures.

Merlex Interior and Exterior Plasters

Merlex Interior and Exterior Plasters

BASEX: Polymer-modified base coat and anti-fracture Membrane for smooth-troweled finishes

Melex BASEX is specifically designed for application over brown coat where smooth-troweled finishes are used (such as Santa Barbara Finish).  When mesh is embedded in BASEX, cracking is reduced significantly, which allows for higher-quality smooth-troweled finishes.  BASEX contains a high percentage of polymer for flexibility, microscopic fibers for crack-resistance and propreitary additives for workability and working time.  The product has suction to ensure good bond between the finish plaster and base coat.  BASEX can also be used on rescrubs directly over structurally sound existing plaster, eliminating the need for sandblasting.

BLOCKADE FINISHER:  One-Component Cementitious Waterproof Coating for Concrete and Masonry

Blockade Finisher is a portland cement based decorative finish material designed for application over portland cement and masonry surfaces.  It provides an ideal finish coat to brown coat or surfaces treated with Merlex Super Blockade.  It is proprietary formulation of portland cements, graded aggregates and chemical additves.  The correct amount of co-polymer powder is premixed in the bag, so  only water is required to achieve consistent waterproofing.  If your prefer to color Blockade Finisher, it will achieve its own variance of color.

SUPER BLOCKADE: One-Component Cementitious Waterproof Coating for Concrete and Masonry

Super Blockade is a proprietary formulation of portland cements, graded aggregates and chemical additives.  The correct amount of co-polymer powder is mixed in the bag, so only water is required to achieve consistent waterproofing of portland cement surfaces.

SUPER SHOWER FINISH: Polymer-Modified, Portland Cement Based Plaster Finish for Interior Surfaces Exposed to High Moisture

Super Shower Finish is a mechanically-blended compound of grey portland cement, hydrated lime, inert aggregates, and specific additives, designed to achieve a steel trowel finish over a portland cement base.  It requires the addition of only clean water for mixing.  Super Shower Finish will provide excellent bond to any properly prepared portland cement base furface.  If you prefer to color Super Shower Finish, it will achieve its own variance of color.  It may be used on interior or exterior surfaces to provide a highly condensed, smooth surface for painting.  Ideal for use in high moisture areas such as showers, bathrooms, swimming pool dressing rooms, laundry rooms and locker rooms

INSULEX CONCENTRATE: Fiber-reinforced Portland cement exterior plaster for use in continous insulation "one coat stucco" systems"

Insulex Concentrate is a fiber-reinforced Portland cement exterior plaster ideal for achieving superior energy efficiency.  The product may be used in conjunction with various foram substrates to create wall assemblies with higher insulation R-values and improved crack and water-resistance Insulex may also be used over wood or gypsum backing and as a scratch and or brown coat application for a conventional stucco system.  Insulex Concentrate is mixed with sand on the jobsite.  Insulex Sanded is available with premixed sand for convenience.


Our products are the real traditional authentic stuff that's been used in Europe and elsewhere for thousands of years. The big difference is that we make it easy and affordable.

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