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A modern version of ancient polished stucco, Marmorino creates spectacular interior and exterior finishes. Highly versatile, it provides textures that range from smooth to distressed, from organic to stone-like. Its white base enables it to be tinted to brilliant hues. "Marmorino" means "simple marble" and gets its name from the powdered marble dust which, along with aged slaked lime, gives the plaster its unique character.


Bring the classical art of Venetian plaster into the 21st Century. Use Veneciano to create beautiful, polished, brilliantly colored interior plaster finishes. It is applied in thin, translucent patches to create a rich visual finish with the illusion of depth and substance. Veneciano is an authentic Venetian plaster based on aged slaked lime and finely ground marble dust.


Capture the rich patina of antique Old World stuccos, offer a lightweight and economical faux alternative to quarried stone, or provide the relaxed look of natural materials.  A decorative, portland cement-based plaster, it can be used indoors and out.  It is integrally pigmented and contains specially-graded fine aggregates to enable the creation of a wide spectrum of delightful colors and textures.

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