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Sydney Harbour

Sidney Harbour

Lime Paints and Washes

Sydney Harbour Paint Company's Lime Wash is a unique, lime-based coating blended with natural pigments designed to create the soft, weathered patina of Mediterranean and Mexican houses.  New buildings immediately take on an established air and blend with their surroundings and in time, the lime 'blooms' to give a gentle, ageless beauty.


Sydney Harbour Paint Company's Internao Lime Wash is the most magical of all interior paints because the lime gently 'blooms' immediately after application, giving an instant, subtle aged effect.  Whether your source of inspiration is the tough-cast walls of a Moroccan casbah or the rural charm of a French Provincial farmhouse, with the swish of a brush, Sydney Harbour Paint Company's Interno Lime Wash will turn your decorative dreams into reality.


Texturline Metaltech


Metaltech is an acrylic-based coating used for decorative finishes over stable prepared surfaces. It is supplied in Metallic and pearlescent paint bases, colored and tintable. Ready to use. 

Product descriptions and uses: This engineered system can be used as a finish that can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. It can be applied directly to metal and is rust inhibited.



Glazing is a method to break colour up so as to employ several colours on one surface at the same time, hence the term "broken colour technique". There are many forms from cloudy to very distinctive layers of contrasting tones.


Moire is a coating that has the aspect of wild silk. Its ease of application is its strongest point that makes it acessible to everyone, it is washable and resistant, which makes it ideal for the bathroom and kitchen.